Esiti e dati di monitoraggio

Sono disponibili i report relativi agli esiti e alle opportunità di diffusione dei progetti presenti sul portale. I dati sono visualizzabili all'interno della sezione "Dati di...

Workshop Alcotra innovazione

l 18 Ottobre 2013, alle ore 14,30, a Verres, sede Politecnico, via Luigi Barone 8, sono stati presentati i progetti e le attività Alcotra Innovazione. Sono disponibili le presentazioni!

24 e 25 Ottobre - Conferenza Finale del Progetto Strategico Alcotra Innovazione

Regione Liguria e Liguria Ricerche S.p.A. invitano a partecipare alla Conferenza Finale del Progetto Strategico Alcotra Innovazione.  Giovedì 24 ottobre 2013 ore 14-18 Venerdì 25 Ottobre 2013...

Nuove funzionalità dell'osservatorio

E' stata migliorata l'usabilità dell'osservatorio, accessibile nelle pagine "Osservatorio" di ognuno dei Living Lab. L'osservatorio può essere usato per la raccolta e la presentazione dei...

4th Living Lab summer school 2013

On the 27th (afternoon) we will organise a special Living Lab Speed Dating session for Research & Development & Innovation Matchmaking with an eye on the Horizon 2020 of the European...

Here the Living Lab portal.

ALL (Alcotra Living Lab) is an ICT infrastructure for the living labs management. A social platform, with forum, chat, blog and instruments for the questionnaires composition and...


Here please find  the 5 projects winner of the pre-commercial public procurement issued by Valle d'Aosta Region in the framework of  Alcotra Innovation project.


MOMO CAST (Active Living Lab)

Mobinvallèe (Active Living Lab)


APPLUS ENERGIE (Active Living Lab)

ToM (Living Lab attivo)

IPIMIT (Living Lab attivo)

Transmuseòbs (Living Lab attivo)



Entreprises on the map

Electro Power Systems

Founded in 2005, with a Headquarter in Italy and a base in Singapore, Electro Power Systems SPA (EPS) is a recognized innovator and market leader for hydrogen-based fuel cell back up and energy storage solutions. These advanced fuel cell systems deliver clean, automatically rechargeable energy storage and power production anywhere, anytime, effectively and efficiently guaranteeing 24/7 always on-power for virtually any application.


Via Lavoratori Vittime del Col du Mont, 36 11100 Aosta
Tel. +39 0165 1870411
Fax +39 0165 1870412

The Living Labs

The idea underlying the Living Lab is to create an open environment in real-life conditions for the design, testing and validation of new products and services, where users can interact and experiment these products and services, providing the research and entrepreneurial system with very important feedbacks in terms of refinement, potential improvements and subsequent marketing: the purpose of living labs is, therefore, to stimulate innovation by moving research out of laboratories towards real-life contexts where citizens and users are encouraged to cooperate with researchers, developers and designers to contribute to the innovation process as a whole.

What is a Living Lab?

In our definition, a Living Lab is a user-driven, open innovation environment in real-life settings in which users test and experiment new products or services, in a framework integrating companies, people, research and innovation actors as well as public sector (the so-called Public-Private-People Partnership, PPPP).