Riprese video del tratto di strada interessato

Insieme al Politecnico di Torino è stato deciso di eseguire delle riprese video per monitorare il traffico nel tratto di strada interessato dal cantiere. Questo perchè dall'analisi dei dati sembra che al venerdì tra le ore 11:30 e le ore 14:00 circa ci sia una sostanziale modifica del flusso di traffico.

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Innovative solution to control traffic problems due to road disruption, such as construction site. This technology allows to inform in real time about snarl up, overcrowding and time of the trip.


Sistra S.r.l.

In 2007 born Consorzio SISTRA in Valle d'Aosta region to work on the project "Barriere Intelligenti®" for the road infrastructures. The results of three years of research is the system: RED-WINE. In 2010 was born the company SISTRA s.r.l. with the objective to make business. RED-WINE it's an innovative system able to ·     manage safety on road network...


SWARCO MIZAR is specialized in the design, development and implementation of advanced Intelligent Transport System and services for the supervision, monitoring and control of traffic and transport.  CONTACT SWARCO MIZAR s.p.a. Via Nizza 262/57 10126 Torino Tel. +39 011 6500411  Fax +39 011 6500444

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